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Herein you can see the brief overview of the scientific program. You may also download the detailed program here.


Important note:

The types of sessions:

Keynote Speech: Each speaker will give a 15-20 minutes speech which may be on a particular topic or independently on different topics.
Panel DiscussionIn these sessions participants will not be asked to prepare a presentation because the discussion will be on an open question and answer basis. Moderator will be directing questions to the speakers.
Structured PanelEach speaker will present an 8 minute speech. Afterwards there will be a 45 to 50 minutes question and answer session that will be directed and concluded by the moderator.
Round TableThe moderator presents his speech of 15 minutes,then each speaker will present a 10 minute speech.
Free PaperEach speaker will present an 8 minutes speech. At the end of session there are few minutes for questions.