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Mohammad Farhadi MD.‎
President of congress
Mohsen Rajati MD.
Executive ‎Secratery
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Welcome to congress with Dr Mohammad Mahdi Ghasemi 

In the name of God

With the permission of the congress president professor Farhadi all the honorable guests and my wonderful colleagues who have made huge effort in the scientific and executive committees it is a true honor for us to host you in the 5th International Congress on Cochlear implant and related sciences in Mashhad. Mashhad the city where cochlear implantation was first established in nineteen ninety seven (1997) with the kind support of our dear colleague Professor Farhadi.
It is my pleasure to welcome you all to this holly city.
As we all know the current efforts in our profession are made to confirm that hearing is an essential component of human health with a significant impact on the Physical emotional social and economic sources of any nation.
It also highlights that the promotion of hearing health in the population requires the coordinated action of many stakeholders within the health sector as well as several others including those in the social education and welfare sectors.
In this congress we have provided a wonderful forum to refresh our knowledges base and explore the innovations in hearing research.
The Congress will strive to provide you with the opportunity to meet and interact with world experts clinicians scientists researchers and colleagues as well as exhibitors (Cochlear implants companies).
What is most exciting to me about our congress is the golden opportunity it presents to discuss learn exchange and acquire new technological know-how our aim is to bring the recent advancements to the forefront.
The 5th edition of the congress aims to realize the next step forward in this field based on evidence based experience and fueled by cutting edge technologies and the latest scientific developments.
After the plenary keynote and lecture sessions you will be provided with an extended overview of the whole field from basic science to surgery from guidelines to rehabilitation from encountering children with auditory cognitive impairment from auditory brainstem implants and from cochlear implantation to middle ear implants.
We will follow the enduring tradition of a well organized meeting with a high quality focused scientific program that will cover state of the art methods for evaluating the auditory system from the cochlea to the cortex.
The round table sessions where opposing voices on disputed subjects will be heard will surely have a lively atmosphere.
Nevertheless it is worth mentioning that managing the large number of submitted abstracts was a real challenge.
I am immensely grateful to the scientific committee who organized the systematic and anonymous abstract review process.
Abstracts were ranked by two or three reviewers which allowed us to differentiate between 
Poster Oral and Keynote.
We are very pleased that you have joined us to create this scientific symphony and we are confident that the vibrating and stimulating environment of the Congress will represent for all participants an unforgettable personal and professional experience.
I also hope that you enjoy Mashhad hospitality and are inspired by its unique flair! 

Thank you very much…

Mohammad Mahdi Ghasemi MD.
Scientific ‎Secretary


Conference Topics

 Implantation in Middle East countries

 Implantation in inner ear anomalies

 Drug delivery in to the inner ear

 Speech and language issues

 Implantable Hearing Aids

 Full implantable devices